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Hey all,
If you have any doubt about Level 1 exam, feel free to ask them here :slight_smile:

  • Rohit


Why Raja Yoga is translated royal or kingly Yoga ?


Raja Yoga is not translated as royal or kingly yoga. It is called so based on taking the literal meaning of word ‘Raja’ by some scholars.


About "What are the different types of Samadhi ? "
refer to — Official Guidebook ( Level 1 ) chapter 3 self assessment questions —

My answer is “Boddhi” … is it correct answer ?

My questions

  1. I couldn’t understand expectation of a person who prepared question.
  2. I am looking for description in the guideline. I couldn’t find other type of Samadhi.
    If there are other type, let me know.


You need to type complete question and all the options to get your query solved.
Everyone doesn’t have access to or reading the same book or same edition .


Hi !
I found description in the guideline !!
— Official Guidebook ( Level 1 ) chapter 3. Introduction to Patanjali Yoga self assessment questions —

What are the different types of Samadhi ?

My Answer is
1, Sabeeja Samadhi, Nirbeeja Samadhi and Dharma Megha Samadhi.


You can find Samadhi details as per Yoga as well as other philosophies in below mentioned link: