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Doubts about the exam


Hey all,
If you have any doubt about Level 2 exam, feel free to ask them here :slight_smile:



Why many Swami are there ?


Why explanation sequences of shatkarma are difference ?


Let me know meaning of “Pancha” in English


Q: Why many Swami are there?:
A: The meaning of the Sanskrit root of the word “swami” is “one who is one with his Self” (“Swa” stands for self).
A swami is a ascetic/yogi/monk, one who has set aside all of the limited, worldly pursuits, so as to devote full time effort to the direct experience of the highest spiritual realization, and to the service of others along those lines.
Thus anyone who wishes to pursue the path of self master, self realisation can choose to be initiated into being a ‘swami’.
Thus, many swami are there.


Q: Why explanation sequences of shatkarma are different?
A: They are different in sequence ( as in hatha pradpika & gheranda samhita) in the way that different schools of yoga teach the sequence of asana, pranayama in slightly different way as compared to each other.
The fundamental understanding behind the practice is same in all though. It is just matter of preference. One sequence is not necessarily better to other.
Only thing you need to be careful about is understanding that is guiding any particular practice.


Q: Meaning of “Pancha” ?
A: Pancha is a Sanskrit word which means “five”.